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It's  Spring Cleanout  Time!

Aquatic Creations

 1980 Bethlehem Church Rd.

Grantville, GA 30220

Call Aquatic Creations at 770-527-3939 for your appointment now.


We will notify you about a week before the cleanout date.  Due to unpredictable weather, we are unable to give you an exact time of the work to be preformed. 


Please complete the following information.  You may choose to print and mail this to the address above or Fax your information to us so we can contact you.   If you would rather email your information, please skip to the next topic heading, 

Clean Out Request Email:   



Clean Out Request Fax:


Home Telephone

Business/Cell Telephone



City ~ State

Zip Code


Special Instructions:




Suggestions for Additional Services:

Included During the Cleanout do you need the following?

Addition Services

Price Each Request
bullet   Light Bulbs Installed
bullet   Light Fixtures Installed
bullet   Bacteria and Filter Pads
bullet   Mulch


A regular cleanout is approximately $250 - $350.  The cost may vary if your pond is large or has not been cleaned in a long time.  Pond less waterfalls range from $175 and up based upon size.  Call today for a quote.

If you need other items such as mulch or rock, please let us know. 



We are experts in our field and will take great care with fish, but cannot be responsible for fish that are sick or already injured when we begin work.   

All price quotes include sales tax and delivery fees.


Clean Out Request Email:        


Home Phone:            Business/Cell:  

Address:         City/State:

 Zip Code: 

Special Instructions:  


Please fill out all requested information for a response. 

Thanks again for being a part of the Aquatic Creations Family.


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